Pre-COVID, it was easy to delay addressing your personal finances. Your days were filled with long commutes and punishing hours at the office. Then the COVID-19 crisis upended our lives.

Many clients are reflecting on how they are spending their money and time. I’m getting calls from people who are dusting off their financial to-do list, such as creating a will. Several prospective clients with significant holdings in their company’s shares are concerned about the historic volatility in the stock market. 

Focusing on self-care is a healthy way of coping during this unnerving time. Consider including financial self-care too. I’ve written this guide to help address the top four priorities of new clients: 
  • Estate planning: I want to get my will and other documents in order
  • Mindful spending: I think my spending has changed during the pandemic, but I’m not sure
  • Stockpile of company shares: I might have too much money tied up in my employer’s stock
  • Charitable giving: I want to support important causes
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